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96 Recent Stories

Close to two years ago, there was a show HN for a dating app posted here. I signed up, found a couple bugs, reported them, then deleted the app. Couple month later, I got an email saying that I got a match. Downloaded it again, had a very nice conversation, but I was not attracted. I went to the settings, selected 25 miles radius and Black only. The next match I got was not Black, and over a thousand miles. Now we are married with children. I think dating apps all look for a trick, a gimmick, or a twist. We will find you the perfect match. The real issue is as we get more disconnected from one another, we don’t know how to deal with another person.

Sparkology Puts Elite Spin on Dating and Competes to Enter Y Combinator

Investing is a key part of life and of growing your personal wealth. And while many people use a personal stockbroker or have a comprehensive financial education to guide their investment strategy, most of us do not have either of those things. However, with advances in technology, anybody can get the intelligent investment help they need. Just use Finbox. Funded by Y Combinator, Finbox is like having your own personal financial analyst, only it’s a robot who won’t try to charge you hidden fees or skim off the top.

This comprehensive toolset includes a powerful stock screener, an idea generator, fair value estimates, and spreadsheet add-ons, all geared to give you complete control over your investments.

I propose a paid service with a human operator who suggests matches and sends people on appropriate dates. You get one match, go on the date and report.

RocketSyntax on July 21, parent favorite on: YouTube was launched as a dating site. This is how dating agencies used to. Yeah, because when I look at all the problems with online dating, what I think is that it could all be solved if only people would treat eachother even more like commodities. Verified blue whale badge on profile. If the first action in a relationship is one of distrust, it doesn’t feel right Interactions on dating sites happen prior to a relationship.

Also, I think dating sites are a bit “a market for lemons”. TheDong on July 22, I don’t think that’s necessarily true.

Seeking a match offline? there’s an app for that

It’s impossible to build a good dating experience on an app at scale. Let me explain why. Dating markets are lemon markets. The classical example of a lemon market was the used car market – most people who bought “lemons” unreliable cars would exploit information asymmetry and sell them on the used market, and over time the reputation of the used car market deteriorated to the point where it was affecting the value of new cars. The car manufacturers solved the problem by introducing gatekeepers – certified used car programs, that certified that the cars weren’t lemons.

So who are the “lemons” on dating markets, which bring down the reputation of dating markets for the rest of the players?

This page only lists companies that have launched publicly and/or issued at Location: CrunchBase: the-dating-ring; Twitter: n/a; Hacker News: n/a; Status: live​.

If you live in the San Francisco, getting a medical marijuana recommendation just got more convenient. Every successful startup is in some sense a confidence game. Any founder who told the literal truth about the frenzied ad-hockery of launching a company would scare away customers and investors and quickly be out of business. Y Combinator is one of the best-known startup incubators in Silicon Valley. Since its launch in , it has helped launch hundreds of startups, including Reddit, Scribd, Airbnb and Dropbox.

Participating startups come from all over the world to spen Name: Lollipuff One-Liner Pitch: Buy deeply discounted, pre-owned designer products that are guaranteed to be authentic. Why It’s Taking Off: Most of us were once ripped off by someone selling something on the Internet that didn’t turn out to be quit A startup accelerator is built to foster rapid growth of its portfolio companies.

It’s a man-made perfect storm of mentorship, access to technology, office space and an innovative community, packed into a short time frame. Essentially, the function o

Y Combinator Companies

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I had only limited success with online dating, even though I had hundreds of matches The year before I had tried dating websites such as Match and they were.

If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. Analogies are rife in the startup world. Investing in startups has been likened to playing poker , while seeking a co-founder is like finding a husband or wife. Kevin Hale , founder of Wufoo and partner at startup accelerator Y Combinator , has some analogies of his own.

At a keynote speech at Techventure , a conference in Singapore for venture capitalists and startups, Kevin put on his founder hat and shared his experience — he sold online form builder Wufoo to SurveyMonkey — on how to build a product and grow a company. Great copywriting can help a lot too — kinda like when a lover writes a mushy poem to the object of his or her affection. In the same way, many startups pay close attention to superficial design elements like landing pages, home pages, and so on, while neglecting the other stuff that matter, like FAQs, documentation, and follow-up emails:.

Stripe has thorough and clear documentation for its API.

Her (YC S15) Launches Its Women-Only Dating App Throughout The United States

Here’s a little more info. They changed it to a general purpose video site after 5 days after nobody uploaded any videos although they offered 20 USD to each woman for uploading a self-introduction video. This wayback machine is from April 28, Me at the Zoo[1] is from April 23, So technically speaking, someone did upload something.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Adult Startup ‘Waves’ Joins Y Combinator’s Summer School A new dating app has been chosen to be a part of prestigious startup.

You can see other launches by following the Company Launch tag. WittyThumbs helps people improve their dating lives by teaching them how to open up emotionally, be more comfortable being authentic, spend their time effectively, reduce anxiety, and set clear expectations for themselves and others. Our users gain social confidence, stronger communication skills, and a clearer understanding of dating and how it fits into their lives.

Q: Why did you pick this idea to work on? Do you have domain expertise in this area? We spent years dissecting dating and learning the skills piece by piece, most of which sounded unnatural to us. We went out every weekend to bars, clubs and parties. The skills and confidence eventually clicked for us, but looking back, we saw no reason why this had to be a grueling year process. We wanted to help others figure it out much faster and cheaper.

Liron and Lior started blogging about texting techniques. Lior also coached dating professionally for in-person clients. Today, we are seeing many more people in the same position we were in 10 years ago.

Global Innovation Exchange

As more dating websites chase the same customers, it gets harder to see the differences among these companies. Most promise lots of dates, but that does not always translate into successful matches. Sparkology accepts new members through invitations from existing members, rather than the more common method of signing up most anyone willing to create a profile.

Furmansky founded the startup last April as an alternative to such sites as Match. Dating sites that accept the masses with few filters may increase the volume of members, but he believes his screening process improves the caliber of potential dates. While women must be college educated to join Sparkology, men must be verified graduates of schools chosen from U.

Short answer? They are all trash and the space is ripe for disruption. The best of the bunch is probably Hinge, Bumble, and Coffee Meets Bagel. But like I said.

I’ve met my last two girlfriends online. On reflection, the social aspect of meeting people through friends really helps solve a lot of future relationship problems you have things in common, some level of shared values etc. In my view online dating is brutal for all. As a woman you’re often dealing with hundreds and hundreds of matches. Everyone has to run a massive pipeline which means things end up being very transactional if you aren’t careful.

Because there’s so much competition things that wouldn’t necessarily matter all that much end up being huge deal breakers say for example height, or niche preferences. I’m off the apps, at least for the moment, and am focusing on meeting people in the real world. ChuckNorris89 12 months ago. My success on Tinder was fairly low despite investing a lot of time and money and was causing endless frustration so I stopped using it after realizing it’s stupid to put the chances of passing on my genes in the hands on an algorithm that’s incentivized to make money off my struggle by intentionally withholding matches until I pay them money Tinder Gold or not showing my profile to any women at all until

This Y Combinator-Backed App Is Like Having a Personal Investing Analyst

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Akido Labs.

Sam Altman: “The Winding Path of Progress”

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