Kelly McCormick’s Business Tips

Kelly McCormick’s Business Tips

Think about how you look and present to people, do you sound confident and comfortable about what your company does. Confidence is a great sales tool because when you present your information confidently, other person i smuch more likely to believe and trust you. Normally you start by asking them a question about themselves. Anyway the point of this opening question is to get them talking about themselves so that you can learn more about them and their business and engage them in conversation. So share something about yourself and your company, something that relates to your target and what they have been saying. Once you have opened up and shared something about yourself, the other person will be more likely to do the same. This is called the law of reciprocity. There are signals that will tell you if the other person is engaging with what you are saying. Basic eye contact and their body positioning are the best cues.

3 Ways Online Dating is Just like Sales

Let’s play a game called “Date or Sales Call? Trick question. These are all things I’ve heard on sales calls — because dating and sales are the same thing. From honeymoon phases to ghosting, the similarities are obvious. Regardless of the state of your love life, recognizing the parallels between sales and dating can help you become better at your role in both. And whether you ultimately decide to pursue or bid adieu, there’s hidden value in approaching sales the same way you’d begin a relationship with someone new.

Of course, there are a lot more chemicals to dating, which can be addictive and euphoric, but let’s explore the basic similarities between sales.

Last updated April 17, About midway through the talk, I picked up on a trend after Thomas made a reference to matchmaking, in that sales is just like dating. Show your interest in the other person. Find a way to stand out. This helps in making your second contact to reference to so it hopefully brings back some familiarity and trust from your first conversation. Finding a way to be memorable and finding something in common.

Genuinely sharing interests is a great way to establish trust. It gives a talking point for both of you to move from. Asking a question where you get a one line answer is not having a conversation. This can certainly build up your relationship and building relationships is a great way to build up your customer advocacy.

Avoid the negatives or questions that are obviously eluding to your intentions.

Why I believe that Social Selling is like Dating?

Men you need to know that selling to a woman is a lot like dating. The ball is in your court. I recommend you familiarize yourself with some of the fatal mistakes men make on a date, as well as when selling. Then apply some new approaches and fast. Women often complain that men monopolize the conversation on a first date. I thought he would never stop.

These are all things I’ve heard on sales calls — because dating and sales are To paraphrase Taking Back Sunday, salespeople like you are a dime a dozen.

If you are in business you know that selling is an essential, if not the most important part of a business, it is how you earn revenue. The challenge is that selling is imagined to be the hardest thing, but the truth is that like any other skill, it too can be learned. Look at it as an art of seduction or the dating process.

The same premise applies to sales. Selling is a journey, a process that requires you to prepare before approaching a customer. Similar to dating, you have to work on your confidence which is one important key to success, as it allows you to bravely approach your target. Confidence comes from understanding your strengths, if you are funny, charming, or a good listener- leverage this. Ask questions, not with the aim of selling, but with the aim of understanding, let them share their problems so that you can give them value; even if it is just advice.

This is essential because when they are ready to buy, you will be top of mind. Does this make any sense? For a customer to buy from you, they have to know who you are, like you and trust you and this comes from having the confidence to engage your customers and learn more about them.

Why Sales is a Lot Like Dating

It starts with the chase, followed by a series of casual dates, leading up to a committed relationship. You need to know if your customer is really into you before investing your time in them. Making the first move is always awkward whether you are cold-calling or walking up to someone in a bar. Accept it and do it anyway. Having a deep understanding of your product makes you an expert on your subject.

Social prospecting is like dating. Everyone knows what everyone else is doing. They understand there’s a ritual to follow. Identifying interests in.

Not that we would know anything about the ice cream…. So why do you keep paying for vinegar content for your business when it comes to content marketing? Knowing your audience and creating custom content that targets them and meets their needs specifically makes the world of a difference for your audience. They say love knows no limits, but there are definitely some limits.

A lot like relationships, communication is the key to both short and long term success, and coming together for marketing and sales alignment to create a mutual understanding when it comes to messaging, benefits, and the best ways to market a product comes down to marketing and sales alignment as one team. We live in a digital world and the odds of you bumping into your one true love on the streets is very slim. Similarly, businesses need to adopt this tech-savvy market and start integrating more strategic digital sales tactics and techniques into their marketing efforts.

Always be marketing!

Modern Sales Is Like Modern Dating. Here’s Why:

If we have said it once, we have said it a thousand times…business is all about the relationships you build. We are all familiar with the traditional ways of selling, the old-school push to sell sales tactics and of course, the ABC message—Always Be Closing. However, this outdated message fails to address how buyers buy today.

Just like customer relationships, selling and dating have some striking similarities​: If you really, really need a sale (or a date) the likelihood of.

Chelsi Nakano February 10, Think back to the last time you had a bad date. Where did you or they go wrong? Now think back to the last time you experienced a bad sales pitch and the reasons why it failed. Chances are there are many similarities to be found between these two lists. Use the internet for good, not evil. When you listen, it shows you care. The days of lecturing are long, long gone. Listen to their objections, accept and take them into account, and then focus the conversation on the things that address their immediate needs.

Take your time, have a real conversation, and get to know each other. The more you understand your prospect and the more they understand you, the better chance you have of closing the deal. Now you can ask your prospect what they care most about and navigate directly to that information. No script, no ego, no problem.

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I’ve used the analogy before, but more and more, life proves how true it really is – business development (sales) is just like dating. Think about it for a minute.

Is selling software at the enterprise level like this …. I want to begin by acknowledging that I am not a salesperson. However, I have run the analytics team for two companies where analytics is the main value proposition. That has put me on the front lines and has allowed me to participate in hundreds of sales calls and to deliver more demos than I care to admit.

The dating analogy has applied to countless situations with prospective clients over the course of my five-plus years selling software. For example, I remember a client several years ago where we had engaged in an extended pilot which felt like dating over the span of several months , but then we quoted them a price for full deployment and they balked like suggesting that we stay in and watch sports every weekend.

In the course of negotiations, they actually suggested that they start to look at other vendors not unlike suggesting that we date other people. In the end, we were able to compromise on a price that made sense for both parties and were able to enter into an exclusive relationship.

Selling – It’s Just Like Dating

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